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I originally intended to rewrite my Zend Search Lucene tutorial, but Peter Van Garderen covered the bulk of what’s changed and I was too busy developing search functionality for lyro.com (not to mention finding inconsistencies with the Zend Search Lucene port and Lucene) to finish the tutorial. So I broke it up into smaller pieces.

I packaged Zend Framework into a symfony plugin. symfony is easily extended using plugins.

You can obtain this from subversion with the following command (from your /plugins directory):

svn export http://svn.symfony-project.com/plugins/sfZendPlugin

symfony has a Zend Framework Bridge which let’s us autoload the framework by adding the following to settings.yml:

  zend_lib_dir:   %SF_ROOT_DIR%/plugins/sfZendPlugin/lib
    - [sfZendFrameworkBridge, autoload]

First we define sf_zend_lib_dir to be in our plugin’s lib directory. Then we autoload the bridge framework.

After setting this up, all the Zend classes will be available and auto-loaded from elsewhere in your code.