18 months

Yesterday Siddhartha turned 18 months. I remember last year running into an 18 month old at the airport and being amazed at how well she said “bébé” (she was French) when she saw Siddhartha. So I had an expectation that Siddhartha would be able to speak at least a word or two by now.

He does.

He’s shy until he gets to know you, but once he warms up he’ll repeat most words you tell him, or if he knows the sign he’ll sign them.

He cried after slipping and falling the other day, and we did the “cell phone test” to see if he was okay. As he sniffled, he would read all the letters that I was drawing on the screen. Amazing!

He talks, he walks, he climbs, he tries to help put away dishes, and his signs are way more accurate.

This is him a year ago:

6 months

This is him today:

18 months