What do I think about 2 of the YouTube founders buying Delicious?

Everyone who used Delicious (including those of us who worked on Delicious) and was aware that Yahoo! purchased Delicious thought at some point, “Well if I ran Delicious, I’d do X.” Where X is more than getting a hamster to run in a wheel. Chad Hurley and Steve Chen actually put their money where there mouths are.

I’m glad Delicious is getting a new lease on life. The problems it solves still exist on the web, and I’m hopeful that it will flourish.

Also, I’d like to publicly apologize for not implementing the following things while I worked on Delicious:

  • Keeping archive copies of the web sites.
  • Finding which links are dead or need redirecting.

In hindsight, all the things I did work on were not nearly as important. I built the product I was told to, not the product I wanted. Oops.