Siddhartha: More time out than in

It’s hard to believe that Sidd’s spent more time out of the womb than in. We’ve also lived in our home longer with the baby than without. Time is clearly flying.

So here’s what’s new:

  • He crawls really well.
  • He pulls up on everything especially people.
  • He babbles a lot - a few mornings he’ll repeat the word “Hi” to me.
  • Teething seems to be worse with each tooth.
  • He has two bottom teeth, two top teeth and likes to use them (ouch!).
  • He still has dairy sensitivity, but eggs are okay.
  • He’s great at solids… sometimes too great
    • We’re just sticking to once maybe twice a day.
    • He really likes broccoli, peas and blueberries, but we expect this to continually change.
  • Sometimes he doesn’t poop for a while.
  • His poop has become more adult like (read smelly, but solid).
  • His pee smells.
  • Sleep
    • Naps are transitioning from 2/3 a day to 1/2 and it’s tough - like teething. I’ve been able to get him to nap with not too much fuss (normally Katie gets him to nap).
    • Sleep has good days and bad days. In the end, I’m glad we’re still co-sleeping. He lunges for daddy when mommy is holding him and vice versa… sometimes over and over again.

These last three months have breezed on by. I think the next three months will be just as fantastic.